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Renovating a century-old building with sustainable air barrier paper

Renovating a century-old house with sustainable Eltete Elt Kraft Air barrier paper

Anna Perho, a Finnish journalist and business coach, shares the result of renovating a century-old house after using the sustainable Eltete Elt-Kraft Air barrier paper. “We are renovating a hundred-year-old house with the idea that it will remain in good condition for the next hundred years. Since the house was built before the age of […]

Carton board air barrier paper is an excellent alternative to vapor barrier plastic

Termex-Eltete Ilmansulkupaperi-Villa Pinta

Termex-Eriste Oy has been a major advocate of breathable structures since 1988. We manufacture wood-based, inflatable cellulose wool insulation from newsprint at our factories in Saarijärvi and Bialogard, Poland. Cellulose wool is a breathable or hygroscopic building material. Breathable materials always tend to reach a state of equilibrium with the environment, i.e. they absorb and […]

Eltete air barrier paper for renovation and construction projects

Eltete Rakmat - Elteten hengittävä ilmansulkupaperi

Eltete air barrier paper for repair and construction projects  I have used Eltete air barrier paper in all my renovation and construction projects for years. The first time when I used the product was in the late 90’s when renovating a house built in the 1940´s. I bought the paper from a blowing wool contractor, […]