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Eltete air barrier paper for renovation and construction projects

Eltete air barrier paper for repair and construction projects 

I have used Eltete air barrier paper in all my renovation and construction projects for years. The first time when I used the product was in the late 90’s when renovating a house built in the 1940´s. I bought the paper from a blowing wool contractor, at the time you didn’t get it from hardware stores, and if you asked, they wondered how you dare to use it. Fortunately, nowadays we are wiser, and the availability of the product has improved. 

Later I have built a couple of new buildings and there is one job in progress and of course I still choose Eltete as the air barrier paper because I have found it to work best with hygroscopic and wood fiber insulation.

The air barrier paper is very strong and therefore easy to install.

Especially in the upper floor with the current insulation thicknesses, the weight of wool makes great demands on the strength of the paper and then it is important that for example the rivets with which the paper is stapled do not go Especially in the upper sole with the current insulation thicknesses, the weight of the wool places great demands on the strength of the paper and then it is important that the rivets do not rupture the paper and cause air leakage. Personally, I prefer 32 × 100 boards with a 40cm pitch decreasing the pressure on the paper.

A very common wall construction in small houses today is a stud frame with a vapour or air barrier on the surface and Today, a very common wall structure in houses is a horizontal wall frame 50 x 50 with wool on which a vapor or air barrier is placed on. Electricity is then put into that frame, threading wires among the wools. Personally, I have put the air barrier on the horizontal frame so that it does not get stuck between the insulations and then I have made the vertical frame from 32 × 100 or 22 × 100 board. As an electrician’s tip, when you do this, the normal distributing box (height 47mm or low box 35mm) will fit in that space, and when you finish the horizontal alignment with 50 × 100 at the box, you can attach the boxes directly on the paper avoiding air leaks. If desired, a sealing tape can be placed under the box, which makes the tightness even better.

When you put a 22×100 cross-laminate on top of the roof, for example, you have an open route for electrical piping everywhere and you don’t have to break the air barrier at all. At the same time, the electrical installation can be done in one go, which means less time for the electrician and savings for the builder.  

IIt is also easier to make changes after words when having empty space behind the wall and things screwed to the wall will not break the air sealing.

“The tightness of the air barrier is one of the most important things for the energy efficiency of a building and also for keeping the house healthy. That is why I recommend Eltete air barrier paper.” 

JOUNI RAITTOLA, Electrician and CEO PRTN-Sähkö Oy

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