Eltete Building Materials

Multiple industries have found that our fiber-based solutions meet today’s criteria in terms of strength and responsibility.

We have created the best-in-class eco-friendly solutions for transport packaging and building materials. Our motto “Reduce, Replace, Recycle” is a summary of the benefits that a laminated carton solution can offer.

We manufacture all building papers and protective materials in our factories in Finland.

Insulation baffles

The wind deflector directs the wind currents correctly, keeps the wool in place and improves the insulating ability of the insulation material.
Eltete Rakmat - Tuulenohjain
Eltete Rakmat - Rakennusmateriaalit

Building papers

Building papers are commonly used to stop moisture from entering into a wall. By using Eltete buildingpapers the house stays healthy.

Building tapes

In order to guarantee a smooth finnish of the projects, Eltete supplies tapes for their building papers.
Eltete Rakmat - Rakennusteipit
Eltete Rakmat - Suojamateriaalit

Protective materials

Our protective products offers excellent protection even in more demanding conditions. Although lightweight, our protective cartonproducts are durable and strong.

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