Eltete Building Materials

Eltete high-quality building papers and protective materials

We are one of Finland’s leading manufacturers of sustainable building papers and protective materials. With 50 years of experience and innovative product development, our product range is designed to meet the continuously evolving requirements of the construction industry.

From insulation baffles, barrier paper and aluminum insulation paper to different types of carton-based protective materials, we are committed to producing 100% recyclable products with excellent quality standards and a very competitive price. Multiple industries have found that our fiber-based solutions meet today’s criteria in terms of strength and responsibility.

We operate in Tesjoki, about 90 km east of Helsinki, with good transport connections.

Eltete Rakmat - Tehdas
Eltete Rakmat - Tehdas

Sustainable responsibility

Sustainability is fundamental to our business philosophy. By following our motto “3R-Reduce, Replace, Recycle”, we have created the best-in-class eco-friendly building papers and protective materials. We take environmentally friendly aspects into consideration in new developments, material selection and production processes as well as Eltete operations. Our goal is to get as many new businesses to take part in this important mission – to reduce environmental impact by replacing non-ecological materials with sustainable products.
Eltete Building papers- Reduce Replace Recycle

Eltete Group

Eltete Building Materials – belongs to Eltete Group, which is divided into several companies. Each one of them concentrates on its own specialty: transport packaging materials, building materials and laminated board production. Eltete Group meets the requirements of a constantly changing market and guarantees high-quality products, strong know-how and reliable service.

Eltete Rakmat