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Protective materials

Our range of protective paper and materials offers excellent protection even in more demanding conditions. Although lightweight, our protective papers and materials are strong against spills, splashes, scratches and foot traffic for various types of floors and surfaces, including finished floors, hardwood floors, cabinets, stairs and so on. Protect your surfaces and floors during construction.

Elbotek 220 Protective paper

Eltete Elbotek 220 – Protective paperboard suitable for all surfaces.

Eltete Rakmat - Elbotek 220 Suojakartonki
Eltete Rakmat - Elbotek 270 Suojakartonki

Elbotek 270 Protective paper​

Eltete Elbotek 270 – Heavy-duty protective paperboard.

Elbotek LSL Floor protective paper

Eltete Elbotek LSL – Strong, water-resistant floor protection.

Eltete Rakmat - Elbotek LSL Lattiasuojalevy
Eltete Rakmat - Elt-pap 220 Suojapahvi

Elt-pap 220 Protective paper

Eltete Elt-pap 220 – Uncoated and breathable paper for general use.

Repair protective paper

Eltete Repair protective paper – Uncoated and breathable protective board with moisture resistance.

Eltete Rakmat - Remonttisuoja
Eltete Rakmat - L-karmisuoja

L-edge protection

Eltete L-edge protection – effective protection for frames and corners.

U-edge protection

Eltete U-edge protection – effective protection for three sides of surface.

Eltete Rakmat - U-karmisuoja

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