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Renovating a century-old house with sustainable Eltete Elt Kraft Air barrier paper

Renovating a century-old building with sustainable air barrier paper

Anna Perho, a Finnish journalist and business coach, shares the result of renovating a century-old house after using the sustainable Eltete Elt-Kraft Air barrier paper.

We are renovating a hundred-year-old house with the idea that it will remain in good condition for the next hundred years. Since the house was built before the age of plastics, we want to renovate it using materials that are as close as possible to the original. The attic, which was insulated a hundred years ago, was once protected by windbreak paper, but the insulation on top was a mixture of moss, clay, and fabric shingles. During the renovation, these were removed with a vacuum truck, and the partially moisture-damaged planks were straightened and repaired.

The repaired floor was then lined with Elt-kraft Air barrier paper, on top of which Anpe Oy blew a good layer of Termex cellulose wool, almost half a meter thick.

This solution provided an insulating, yet breathable and ecological covering for the intermediate roof.

After the renovation, the feng shui of the house changed. The whole house is acoustically quieter, especially in the kitchen, where the walls and ceiling are not paneled, and the amount of draught was significantly reduced. We are very happy with the result of the renovation!”

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Anna Perho

Journalist and business coach, and one of Finland’s most popular inspirational speakers.


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