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Carton board air barrier paper is an excellent alternative to vapor barrier plastic

Termex-Eriste Oy has been a major advocate of breathable structures since 1988. We manufacture wood-based, inflatable cellulose wool insulation from newsprint at our factories in Saarijärvi and Bialogard, Poland. Cellulose wool is a breathable or hygroscopic building material. Breathable materials always tend to reach a state of equilibrium with the environment, i.e. they absorb and release moisture. Cellulose wool has a high moisture capacity; under normal conditions, water vapor does not condense in the structure at the dew point.

This is why there is no need to use a vapor barrier with cellulose wool, it is sufficient that the structure is sufficiently airtight to prevent the transfer of moisture into the structure by warm airflow. For this reason, we recommend the use of hygroscopic air barrier papers and tapes manufactured by Eltete with our insulation.

Elt-kraft air barrier paper roll

Eltete currently manufactures two types of air barrier paper for us: the Termex-Kraft is a mesh-reinforced, multi-layered, durable air barrier product specifically targeted at new construction. Termex-Retro is a non-laminated, single-layer air barrier product that is a favorite among renovators. We also supply Termex air barrier tape, which is compatible with Kraft and Retro.

Elt kraft air barrier paper Villa Pinta
Elt kraft air barrier paper Villa Pinta2

We have been working with Eltete since the 90s. Continuous product development, high quality, and flexible cooperation have been the basis of our partnership all these years. This is reflected in modern and safe air barrier products that guarantee the moisture-technical performance of breathable structures. Termex air barrier products are available through our authorized dealers. Find out more about our range on our website.

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Termex-Eriste Oy

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